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Wherever my car keys and wallet travel, my iPod can always be found along side them. This is my home away from home and on it, I have equipped everything I need at the gym to get my pump on, stay motivated, and track my day’s progress.

That’s why I was happy to find this infographic done by market research firm Lab42 of technology’s impact on those working out and eating healthy!. Here are a few notable statistics!

  • 74% said it improved their weightloss efforts
  • 72% said it increased their motivation (I concur!)
  • 58% workout more

Awesome news! 51% of the study’s respondents used a smartphone during their workouts. Here’s a quick breakdown of how they used it!

  • 91% listen to music (Guess the other 9% left their headphones at home?)
  • 43% track their progress
  • 33% check their e-mail (Time compounding for the win!)

Checking e-mail may seem arbritrary for e-mail weight loss but 75% of respondents shared their progress with friends through e-mail, facebook and their phone.

There’s the quick 1-2 of the infographic which you can check out below to see what else Lab42 discovered!

Ordered myself a Fitbit to see if these devices were really as good as people say or if it was an over glorified pedometer. 

It’s just larger than the length of 2 quarters and the design is incredibly sleek as compared to one of its cousins, the body bugg (felt like I was wearing a fanny pack on my arm).

It just shipped but I wanted to know if anyone else had one and could share what you think about the fitbit?